Hi ! My name is Claire, I’m a guitar player and professional musician from Switzerland, based in Reading (UK). I currently play for the English grunge/rock band Marisa & The Moths. I have been a session and live guitarist for over 5 years and have toured Europe extensively with different original and cover bands. Playing live and creating music are the 2 things I focus on the most, so if that’s also what you’ve started to do or looking to do more, I’m sure some of these things will be helpful to you !

I absolutely adore my profession and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing! However, if you’ve been in this business for a while or you’re just getting started, or you’re thinking about playing music professionally, you might have experienced some difficulties trying to balance everything you need to do in order to get gigs and keep them coming. Competition is huge, but there are definitely many parameters that are in your control and that will help make a massive difference on how far you will be able to push yourself to the next level!

In this class, I will share with you what I have learned so far being in the touring/session industry, how I managed to get gigs and opportunities, to promote myself as a session guitarist, to push through my self-doubt and insecurities, how do I handle being a woman in a hugely male-dominated industry. I will also take you on the road with me when I tour or record in the studio and stream live regularly on this platform! Let’s do this!

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